Scales N Tails Charters Fishing Reports

We have had a rough spring for fishing as the weather has been so windy that we had to cancel a lot of trips. Spanish Mackerel are around close to the beach and fun to catch. Offshore and Deep Sea fishing is proving very productive as the water warms up. When we do go to deeper water on our 6 and 8 hour trips, we are catching some really big red grouper along with some sizeable mangrove snapper and lane snapper. All are great eating and we fillet them for you when we’re done.

 There have been a few wahoo caught and there is always a shot at getting a blackfin tuna. Sharks are everywhere right now, fun to catch and a lot of work so have your camera’s ready because we do not keep any. Amberjack are open till the end of May and many are being caught on the wrecks and man made reefs. They rival sharks for a fight and the nickname “reef donkey” does them justice. We use live bait for amberjack, some of the fish weighing as much as 90 pounds.

On our shorter trips, we catch a lot of Lane Snapper, Mangrove Snapper and Gray Snapper. We use much lighter tackle so these fish are great fun to catch as well as being great eating. Its a great trip for families with small children since everyone has a rod in their hand and we love to help the kids learn something they might do the rest of their life.

The Tarpon are here now on the beach. The fish are eating aggressively as they prepare for their spawn season around the full moon in June. We use big spinning rods and live bait for these fish and often have to chase them down with the boat as they run hard and fast when hooked. Pompano have been around on the beach also at the pass openings and jettys.

This is without a doubt, one of our favorite times of year to fish as the temps are mild and the wind calms down. The fish are very active as a result of more food available because of the increase in the water temps and the schools of bait that move in. Bring an empty cooler for your fillets. You may want a light jacket as the morning temps on the water can be a little chilly.

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