Wintertime Fishing

Now that we are approaching winter, water temperatures are dropping. Colder water brings a lot of changes in the fishing. The sea trout are done with their spawn and are moving inside the passes and on to the shallow water grass flats. The mullet are schooling up and with the mullet come redfish and sheepshead that are starting to populate docks and bridges. Shrimp work well in catching all these species of fish but be aware of the catch limits and slots before keeping these fish.

With the colder water, most of the Kingfish and Mackeral are gone but there is still plenty of action out in the gulf.

Gag grouper season is closed but a lot of big fish have moved close to the beach and are great fun for catch and release. Red grouper, grey snapper, hogfish and porgies are available to catch and keep but again, be aware of what the limits and lengths of the fish are.

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