Fishing Reports

We have had a great year both for fishing and weather as the lack of wind allowed us to fish almost every day of the month. Kingfish are here in large numbers with limits being fairly easy to fill. Spanish Mackerel have been showing up the last two weeks and lots of sharks seem to be hunting the same fish that we are. We reel in a lot of fish that are bitten off by sharks as the fish struggles to get off our hooks.

We did get lucky enough last month to catch some Dolphin, a great Sailfish and some really big kings. Grouper fishing has been great on our all day charters as the fish continue to settle in closer to the beach as the water warms up. A few resident Tarpon have poked their heads out and the migrating schools of Tarpon should be showing up any day since the water temperature is way ahead of our usual spring warm up.

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