Charter Fishing in Clearwater!

Scales N TailsCharter Fishing offers exciting action catching Tarpon, Grouper, Snapper, Tuna, Sailfish and more! These are just a few options available to you on a light tackle guided fishing trip.

Our trips include bottom fishing for Red Grouper most of the year and from June  to December, we catch the Gag Grouper. Red Snapper are caught from June to mid July, Hogfish and Gray Snapper or “grunts” are caught year round and are some of the best eating fish we have. Several other species of fish such as Sea Bass and Flounder are caught bottom fishing also and it not uncommon to catch 10-15 different types of fish in the same day.

Call Capt. Steve at 727-324-8997 to go Charter Fishing Today!

When we aren’t bottom fishing, we do what is called Trolling. When trolling, the boat never stops moving as we drag both artificial and live bait in an effort to catch Kingfish, Spanish Mackerel, Barracuda, Tuna and occasionally a Sailfish. There is always lots of action and all these fish are great eating.

family-fun-adventureNear the beach, we fish for Tarpon or the ” Silver King”. This fish is highly prized by many fishermen, the waters are a prime Tarpon area from May to November along the beaches. The Clearwater area is not as well known as other areas but many of us feel it is the best with lots of fish and few anglers.

On all our charter fishing trips, all skill levels are welcome. We love having beginners of all ages and do our best to teach everyone the proper techniques to help them catch fish.

When we get back to the dock, we fillet your catch and can recommend some local restaurants that will cook your catch in a variety of ways, for a great price so be sure to ask us about it !



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